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Queen spends last day of state visit in DC

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 October 20, 1957

Queen Elizabeth II "ended her four-day state visit at the White House" with the statement: "It's been wonderful.   First Lady Mrs. Eisenhower told the Queen and Prince Philip, "It's been great fun having you," as the royal couple left the White House for a dinner at the Australian Embassy, reports the New York Times. 

Prince Philip smiled, and said "Come with us."

After dinner at the Embassy, the couple took the train to New York City, pulling out of Union Station at 11:31 p.m.

In the morning the President and Mrs. Eisenhower accompanied the Queen and Prince Philip to two church services, first at the National Cathedral and then at the National Presbyterian Church.

In the afternoon, the royal couple traveled to Middleburg, VA,, where they "inspected thoroughbred  yearling horses.  The owners and trainers were guests at a "small private tea"  with the Queen and Prince Philip at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mellon.  Mr. Mellon is the son of the late Andrew Mellon, who served for a time as Ambassador to the Court of St. James.

Here are scenes from Queen Elizabeth II's state visit to the United States.
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Mrs. Dudley Ward marries in England

October 20, 1937

Mrs. Dudley Ward, "one-time dancing partner of the Duke of Windsor and internationally known Mayfair hostess,"  was married today at the Marylebone Registry office to  Pedro Jose Isidro Manuel Ricardo Mones, the Marques de Casa Maury, reports the Associated Press.

The bride, who is 43 years old,  is the former Winifred (Freda) Mary  Birkin, eldest daughter of the late Colonel Charles Birkin of Lamcote, Radcliffe-on-Trent, and his American wife, Clarie Howe.  In 1913, she married the Right Hon. William Dudley Ward, who served as Vice Chamberlain from 1917 to 1922. 

The couple had two daughters, Penelope (1914) and Claire (1916) before divorcing in 1931.

The Marques is a Cuban citizen but has retained his Spanish title.  He divorced his first wife, Paula Gellibrand, in 1932.  He runs a "motion-picture theatre" in London's Mayfair area.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Nicholas and family must use food cards

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October 19, 1917

Former Russian Emperor Nicholas II and his family must now obtain their "food supplies by the use of cards," reports the New York Times.

Local authorities in the Tobolsk district have begun to issue food cards, and Nicholas and his wife and children and their small staff, "must obtain their food the same as other citizens."

Dona's Tante Henriette is dead

October 19, 1917

Princess Henriette of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenberg died yesterday at Kiel.  She was 84 years old.

The Princess, whose full name was Karoline Christiane Auguste Emilie Henriette Elisabeth, was the seventh and youngest child of Duke Christian of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenberg  and his wife, Countess Lovisa-Sophie Danneskjold-Samsoe.    She was an aunt of Empress Auguste Viktoria, whose father, Duke Friedrich, was one of Henriette's older brothers.

Princess Henriette was born at Augustenberg on August 2, 1833.  At the age of 38, she was married on February 28, 1872 at Primkenau, to Dr. Johann Friedrich von Esmarch, one of the most eminent surgeons of his day.  The son of a physician,  Dr von Esmarch was born on January 9, 1823 at Tönning in Schleswig-Holstein.  He was a widower for some years before marrying Princess Henriette.   Dr. von Esmarch died at Kiel on February 23, 1908.

The Princess and her husband had no children.  She is survived by a stepson, Karl Friedrich von Esmarch,  her brother,  Prince Christian, who lives in London and is married to Princess Helena, the late Queen Victoria's third daughter, and numerous nieces and nephews including Empress Auguste Viktoria of Germany.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

A thank you from Queen Paola

A nice thank you card from Queen Paola (80th birthday).   She is surrounded by her family, children, and grandchildren and great-grandaughter ... but can you spot who is missing from the photo?

Yes, it is Prince Laurent,  Queen Paola and King Albert's youngest child, but his wife, Princess Claire and their children did take part in the photo session.  Princess Maria Luisa of Belgium is also not in the photo.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Duke of Braganza marries Brazilian princess

October 13, 1942

The first royal wedding in Brazil in 80 years was celebrated earlier today when Dom Duarte Nuno, the 35-year-old Duke of Braganza, and "pretender to the defunct throne of Portugal,  married 28-year-old Princess Maria Francisca, a granddaughter of Brazil's last emperor, Pedro II.

The civil wedding took place at the Portuguese embassy in Rio de Janeiro, reports the Washington Post

The religious ceremony with "court pomp" will take place later this week.

Has Princess Ileana eloped?

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October 13, 1927

London papers are reporting the "rumor of a royal romance" between Princess Ileana of Romania and  young naval lieutenant, according to the New York Times, which published the dispatch.

"An amazing, dramatic and almost unbelievable report from Bucharest reached Vienna tonight concerning Princess Ileana, the youngest daughter of the King Ferdinand and Queen Marie of Romania.  According to this report, political as well as social circles are buzzing with the rumor that the 18-year-old Princess eloped with a young naval lieutenant, who was an aide-de-camp to the late King.

"On the other hand, it may all be gossip arising out of the fact that the two young people are old friends and recently were seen together at a Black Sea resort.  In reply to press inquiry at Bucharest at the Ministry of the Interior concerning the story, it was officially stated that nothing was known concerning any trip of any kind undertaken by Princess Ileana.

"Some color was lent to the story, however, by the fact that the Ministry of the Royal Household today issued a decree forbidding all Rumanian newspapers to publish any item concerning the present whereabouts or trips taken by any member of the royal family.

"It always has been thought that Princess Ileana had leanings toward a freer life than is possible within the strict bounds of court restraint. and it is pointed out that her brother Carol is perhaps not the sole member of his generation whose royal blood is strongly tinged with a strain of romance.

"It is only fair to add that this charming girl has been engaged by rumor, but not in fact, during the last two or three years to any number of foreign princes, including Boris, the bachelor King of Bulgaria."

Another report states that the Princess "has been missing for two days from her usual haunts" and may be on a yacht in the Black Sea.
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Earlier this year, the Romanian Regency Council declared Princess Ileana to be "emancipated."  This degree allowed the young princess to "receive and manage" the portion of the estate left to her by her late father, King Ferdinand.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Former Grand Duke of Hesse has died

October 9, 1937

News reports from Berlin are reporting the death of the former Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig of Hesse and By Rhine, who died earlier today at his hunting lodge, Schloss Wolfsgarten, near Darmstadt.   The Grand Duke was 68 years old.   Death "followed an attack of influenza."

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The former Grand Duke was the eldest son of the late Grand Duke Ludwig IV and Princess Alice, second daughter of Queen Victoria.  He was the brother of late late Empress Alexandra of Russia, consort of Nicholas II, and the brother-in-law of the late Grand Duke Serge of Russia, Prince Henry of Prussia (also his first cousin) and Prince Louis of Battenberg,   He was said to be Victoria's favorite grandson.

Until November 1918,  Ernst Ludwig ruled Hesse and By Rhine, a territory about "one-third the size of New Jersey," according to the New York Times.   His main residence was a "luxurious palace" in Darmstadt, where he was born on November 25, 1868.

After his abdication, Hesse became a free state in the new German republic.  After :many years of litigation," the former Grand Duke won an annual income of $400,000 from Hesse.

He was a patron of the arts.   The late reporter, William Bayard Hale, once called the late grand duke a "wise ruler and an able statesman."   After he abdicated,  Ernst Ludwig "abjured politics and made no effort to regain his throne."
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Ernst Ludwig married twice.  On April 19, 1894, he married his first cousin, Princess Victoria Melita of Edinburgh, a match that had been encouraged by their mutual grandmother, Queen Victoria.  It was not a happy or successful marriage.  Victoria Melita gave birth to a daughter, Elisabeth in 1895, who died of typhoid at age eight.  She gave birth to a stillborn son in 1900, a year before the couple were divorced.

He married for a second time in 1905 to Princess Eleonore Solms-Hohensolms-Lich, who survives him.  He is also survived by their two sons,  Hereditary Grand Duke Georg Donatus, 30, and Prince Ludwig,29, and three grandchildren, Princes Ludwig, Alexander and Princess Johanna.   Hereditary Grand Duke Georg Donatus is married to Princess Cecilie of Greece and Denmark, the third daughter of Princess Alice of Battenberg and Prince Andrew of Greece.

Princess Alice is the late Grand Duke's niece.

Ernst Ludwig is also survived by two older sisters,  Victoria, Dowager Duchess of Milford Haven, and Princess Irene, the widow of Prince Henry of Prussia.

His younger son, Prince Ludwig, is engaged to marry the Hon. Margaret Geddes next month.

Prince George of Greece to marry rich princess

October 9, 1907

Prince George of Greece is to marry Princess Marie Bonaparte, "one of the richest women in Europe, reports the Los Angeles Times.  Her fortune comes from Monte Carlo's gambling casinos.   The 25-year-old princess is the only child of Prince Roland Bonaparte and his late wife, Marie-Félix Blanc, who died shortly after giving birth to Marie. 

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Her paternal grandfather, Prince Pierre Bonaparte, who was the son of Lucien, Bonaparte, one of Emperor Napoleon's younger brother.  Her maternal grandfather was Francois Blanc, whose fortune was made with the operation of casinos in Monaco.

Prince George, 38, is the second son of King George and Queen Olga. 

The marriage is said to be a love match.

Looking back at Prince Philip of Serbia

I took this photo in 2005 at Crown Prince Alexander's 60th birthday in Belgrade .. the twins - Alexander and Philip.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

And more wedding details

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Last night's gala reception and dinner were held in a marquee at the White Palace. The menu featured a carpaccio of beetroot, cream cheese, and smoked fish, followed by filet mignon. Dessert was a wedding cake. Earlier today, the bride and groom and their parents welcomed guests to the White Palace for a brunch. The guests included Queen Sofia and Prince Michael and Princess Ljubica, who were married in October 2016.

The second photo shows the bride and groom with Prince Philip's mother and his half-siblings,  Sol and Luna.

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Official photos of Prince Philip and Princess Danica's wedding

all photos @HRH Crown Prince Alexander
His Royal Highness Prince Philip and Miss Danica Marinkovic were married at Saborna Church in Belgrade. The wedding was officiated by His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej of Serbia. The Godmother was HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Godfather was His Royal Highness Prince Peter.

Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine and everyone were especially delighted that Her Majesty Queen Sofia of Spain and Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden came especially for the wedding. The mother of the groom Her Royal Highness Princess Maria da Gloria of Orleans and Bragança, Duchess of Segorbe and her husband His Grace the Duke of Segorbe come from Spain.

The dress of the bride was created by the world reknown fashion designer Roksanda Ilincic.

Following the wedding in Saborna Church guests went to the White Palace for a reception followed by dinner. The White Palace was built by H.M. King Alexander I of Yugoslavia the great-grandfather of Prince Philip.

Later Crown Prince Alexander Prince Philip, the groom, addressed guests.
“This is one of the most beautiful days in my life and I am overjoyed to share it with you! We are here to celebrate the beginning of Philip’s and Danica’s life together, for which we wish them to be filled by happiness and love. It is my duty and privilege to welcome Her Royal Highness Princess Danica to our home. I welcome her parents, too, wishing that good luck, health, harmony and family blessings will follow the new couple and through them our homes. Dear Danica, dear Philip, please know that you can always rely on our support”, said on this occasion HRH Crown Prince Alexander.

“Danica and I thank you all for being with us on the most beautiful day of our lives so far. We are so happy to share the joy of this moment with you. We thank our parents for organizing this magnificent celebration for us here at the White palace. And above all, thank you Dana for all your love and making for making me the happiest man in the world”, said Prince Philip in his address.

A reception took place Friday, 6 October, at the Royal Palace and was followed by dinner at the White Place.

The Royal Wedding in Belgrade was attended by the Royal family – TRH Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine, Their Royal Highnesses’ children Prince Peter, Prince Alexander, Alison and David, Alison’s son Michael, David’s spouse Dr. Angeliki Andrews Margariti and their son Alexander, HRH Princess Linda Karadjordjevic, TRH Prince Mihailo and Princess Ljubica, HRH Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, TRH Prince Serge and Princess Eleonore Karadjordjevic, HRH Prince Nikola Karadjordjevic, a large number of the members of the European Royal Families: TRH Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg, HH Prince Amyn Aga Khan, HH Princess Jeet Nabha Khemka and Mr Nand, numerous friends of the Royal Family and Marinkovic families, HE Mrs Maja Gojkovic, speaker of the National Parliament, many representatives of the diplomatic corps, distinguished personalities from the world of culture, arts and politics, members of the Advisory Bodies of the Crown, as well as many citizens and supporters of the constitutional parliamentary monarchy.

His Royal Highness Prince Philip was born in Fairfax, Virginia on 15 January 1982. He is the fraternal twin of Prince Alexander and second in the line to the Throne after Hereditary Prince Peter. He is the son of HRH Crown Prince Alexander and HRH Princess Maria da Gloria of Orleans Bragança. Prince Philip is the grandson of HM King Peter II and HM Queen Alexandra.

HRH Princess Danica was born in Belgrade in 1986 and has lived in Paris since 1992. Princess Danica is the daughter of Mr. Milan Marinkovic-Cile, a famous Serbian painter and Mrs. Beba Marinkovic. She finished most of her studies in Paris, where she graduated in graphic design at the Academy of Applied Arts and Slavic Studies at the University of Paris-Sorbonne. In London, the Princess completed her Master of Graphic Design at the Chelsea College of Art and Design – University of the Arts in London.

The Royal Family thanks everyone who helped to get the Royal Wedding organized: His Holiness Patriarch Irinej, Saborna church, Ministry of Interior, City Secretariat for transportation, Military Medical Academy, Airport “Nikola Tesla”, City Greenery, Tourist Organization of Serbia, Tourist Organization of Belgrade, Telekom Serbia, St. George strings, Jadranka Jovanovic, Lena Kovacevic, Talija folklore dance troupe, pianist Mrs. Nada Matijevic, Dijana Sretenovic, Marko Aleksic, Sky Music, LMJ doo, Event Service, fashion designer Roksanda Ilincic, Maruska fashion, Afrodite Mode Collection, Mona, Luna, Balašević, Fabi shoes, Zepter, Paracinka, Ivkovic, Anbora printing, Excelsior, Euro papir, “Work in progress”, DHL, Atelje Antre, Ivona flower shop, Tiny Mine Jewelry, Duska hair stylist, Sladjana Todorovic (the wedding cake), Artival chocolates, Restaurant Sapat, Nada Butchery, Moritz Ice Cream, Azzaro Club, Bean and Leaf Coffee, wineries Kovacevic, Aleksandrovic and Rajkovic, Royal Winery Oplenac, Coca-cola, Prolom voda, MG Mivela, Benisek i Veselinkovic, Stara Sokolova rakija, Pernod Ricard, Unipak, Diz higijena, TV Prva, Adria Media Group, Mr. Neil Barnett, Mr. Brent Sadler, Hotels – Hyatt Regency, Square Nine, Metropol Palace, Radisson Blu, In Hotel, Zepter Hotel, Crystal, Courtyard Marriot, Kolasin busses, Toyota, Porche, Mercedes, Budget rent-a-car, Dusko Kovacevic – Atlas Group, Fiat, Limo-star, Protecta, The College of Hotel Management, Uros Savic, Daniela Celikovic, Cristina Egger, Aleksandar Djordjevic, Milan Culic, Maria Diamondopolous, Celia Kritharioti, Nico Krithariotis, Thomas Mace-Archer Mills, Dame Mervyn Redding, Valerie Peay, Maria Tsakalou, Alexia Tsakalou, MK Group, photo and video Nemanja Petrovic, Nikola Rudic, Dragan Bogdanovic, Nemanja Brankovic, Nikola Mladenovic, Vladimir Jablanov, Zika Slika and all the volunteers and friends for their great help.

Exclusive photos of Serbian wedding

A friend of mine messaged me after he learned I was not able to fly to Belgrade for Prince Philip's wedding -- and he let me know he would send a few photos and video.  I have not been able to figure out how to open the videos, but working on it.

HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden was the Kuma and Prince Peter of Serbia served as the Kuma and Kum, the witnesses, and perhaps the godparents of TRH Prince Philip and Princess Danica's first child.

The photos were taken with a phone.  The copyright remains with the photographer.

At the dinner, the night before the wedding. Prince Serge of Serbia

Crown Prince Alexander greets a guest.

HRH Princess Anne, the Dowager Duchess of Calabria, godmother of Prince Philip

Adorable Serbian dance troupe 

Philip and Danica and Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine

In this photo  Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Peter,  Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg, Prince Serge

Crown Princess Victoria, the bride and groom and Prince Peter

the groom's mother, Princess Maria da Gloria of Orleans-Braganza, Duchess of Segorbe, looks up

Crown Prince Alexander, Crown Princess Katherine,  the Duchess of Segorbe, the bride's parents,  Princess Linda (widow of Prince Tomislav) Princess Elizabeth of Serbia and the Dowager Duchess of Calabria

the two tall young women in the middle (one is in pink) are Sol and Luna Medina, the groom's half-sisters.